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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Tip to study ENGLISH

        Start from now, I will write my blog in ENGLISH. Why? Because, as per advice from my tutor to gain and improved ENGLISH need to write something everyday in language ENGLISH. So I have no diary due I actually don't like written story in the diary. So better I wrote in my blog. So long i not see my blog due I have a full schedule to finish it everyday. So if you read my blog in English, I hope you understand why my English so low and weak.. hehehe. I try my best to story about myself everyday. It's not interesting because i just married woman and have 2 children. So everyday like same to do it. That's why I continue my study further to make my life changes. Sorry if my ENGLISH like malay because I still learn how to rephrase sentences. OK, I have follow class in ENGLISH with tutor amir, I know her at Facebook. So I believe that to start learning ENGLISH from stage  1 means it, I need to do it exercise more in grammar level 1. I was regretting that from time school, I was really not interested in ENGLISH, I hate when class English started. And I don't give my effort to learn in English. ** So srang dah susah. haha.

Ok. So i will continue later ya.. So sleepy. I have assignment to draff. Oh no. Tired la.. uwaaa. Good night.

This 1st Step to learn in English. Written anything words you know it. And refer dictionary also. The dictionary is your friend now. I will write something new. I don't give up, that is my promise. That is my life. i love to study anything... Next month I will buy a book from tutor amir. I will make review for the book. So anyone to learn ENGLISH can get this book.. tadaa. i will story later. Sorry. My time is limited. gitu mcam artis kau ni.

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